Raw Power 1 by Josh Bayer


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Josh Bayer cannot be contained in the standard 32 page zine-sized Retrofit comic! RAW POWER is a KING SIZED 48 page comic featuring G. Gordon Liddy, Cat-man and Punk Rock.

48 pages, black and white

"Now I know the real truth about the Carter administration. Finally." Tim Callahan

"That Josh Bayer dude is a force of nature!"
- Tom Neely

"RAW POWER by Josh Bayer was my favorite thing i picked up at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Fest - it's a superhero slap upside yer head infused w/ kirby/panter/miller/crumb goodness - beware the CAT MAN - you wouldn't wanna do his wash!"
- Jeff Newlet, Comics Editor/Writer for HEEB, Smith Mag, and RF Magazine

“I love Josh’s stuff. Fuck The World.”
- Raymond Pettibon

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